Together we improve the health for children in vulnerable areas!

In Sweden healthcare is free for all children, whether rich or poor. But in many countries healthcare is insufficient.

Poverty is one of the world’s biggest problems, and for many children healthcare is a luxury to which only a few have access. With very small means you can prevent disease and improve the health.

A Child's Smile considers health care as a right to which all children should have access.


7 October 2016

Happy World Smile Day!

Happy World Smile Day!  

5 October 2016

Happy Birthday Mary!

We want to wish our movie star and model Mary happy birthday.  


Our patients are offered annual dental check-ups

Our patients are offered dental check-ups every year.    

1 October 2016

We are the board!

Right about now: board meeting, looking back and planning ahead. Project Jamaican Smiles 2017 is getting closer.  

30 September 2016

Allingsås Tidning about our volunteer Lotta

Last week there was an article in the local paper Allingsås Tidning about our volunteer Lotta and her trip with us to Jamaica    


Teamwork make the dream work!

Teamwork make the dream work!  

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