Project Jamaican Smiles

In the summer of 2013 the first two volunteer dental teams went  to Jamaica where they treated 808 children. Since then we have sent volunteer teams to Jamaica every summer, to examine and treat children in eight different vulnerable areas.

The children we meet are between 0-18 years and we offer them:

Extractions (tooth extractions)
– Fillings
– Professional tooth cleaning
– Fluoride Coating (caries prevention)
– Education in oral care and diet

Thanks to everyone who contributes economically to our organisation as it is the donations that enable our work!


Dental assistant Annethe Kron instructing one of our Mandeville patients how to clean his teeth


Read more about this project – year by year. Watch pictures and read the stories of our volunteers.







Thank you to all that have made donations to our organisation, which make our work possible!