A Child’s Smile – Statues

§1 Name, location and purpose


"A Child's Smile" is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to raise funds and carry out activities aimed at making dental care and other health services available for children living in vulnerable areas.


The Organization works to offer mobile and outpatient care. Furthermore, the Organization also works to provide education and information that can enhance health, prevent illness, and strengthen children’s rights, based on the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The organization has its headquarters in Stockholm.


The organization is politically and religiously independent.



 §2 Operations


The Organization's activity is aimed at collectively improving the health of children. The organizational activities are as follows;


· Fundraising aimed at private individuals, companies and other stakeholders in society


· Support organizations with expertise in oral health targeted at children in vulnerable areas


· Supporting research in the area of health for children in disadvantaged areas


· Training in children's health and its relation to children's rights


· Implement activities relating to children's health and its relation to children's rights


· Sales



§3 Members


Membership in the Organization is open. Anyone who is a member of the Organization shall promote the organization's purpose under §1. A membership can be active or supportive.


The membership fee is determined by the annual meeting. A member is an individual who pays the membership fee.


Members who wish to resign from the organization shall give written notice to the Board and will be immediately removed from the organization’s membership rolls.


Members may not be excluded from the Organization for reasons other than that they have; failed to pay agreed fees, opposed the organization's activities or purposes, or have damaged the organization's interest. Expelled members have a right to appeal the decision at the next annual meeting.



§3.1 Active members


An active membership includes:


· Promoting the activities of the organization through participation and positive engagement for mutual development and,


· Disseminating information about the organization and its work


§4 Annual Meeting


The annual meeting is the Organization’s most important decision-making activity. The annual meeting shall be called–and its agenda available, in writing, –at least one month before the determined annual meeting is scheduled. The annual meeting shall be held no later than six-months after the fiscal year end.


Annual meeting's agenda will include the following:


· Confirmation that the meeting has been called correctly


· Election of the meeting chair, meeting secretary, vote-counter and substitutes


· Determination of the voting list


· Approval and adoption of the agenda


· Presentation of the annual report and audit report


· Adoption of income statement and balance sheet


· Confirmation of the responsibilities of the Board


· Determination of the activity for the next fiscal / financial year


· Determination of the membership fee for the coming financial year


· Consideration of proposals by the Board and filed motions


· Election of auditor


· Election of Board Members


· Election of deputies


· Other matters



Motions and proposals to the Board of Directors must be submitted at least 10 days before the annual meeting. The exception is proposed current statutes and motions submitted after the deadline but prior to the annual meeting’s conclusion.


An extraordinary Annual Meeting may be held when the Board deems it is necessary or when at least one third of the members request it. The notice and the reason for the meeting shall be announced at least two weeks prior to the extraordinary Annual Meeting taking place.


At the annual meeting, members can invite non-members. These non-members may speak at the meeting after receiving approval from the Board.


§5 Voting


At the annual meeting each member has one vote. The right to vote is personal and can be exercised by proxy.




 §6 Decision


The annual meeting and the extraordinary annual meeting takes decisions by a simple majority. In the case of a tie, the opinion supported by the Chairman is the deciding factor. Ballots should be used when voting if a member requests them. Statutes are decided by the annual meeting, or the extraordinary annual meeting, and requires a 2/3 majority of present members' votes.




§ 7 Board


The Board consists of at least six members, of whom at least three are members. The Board elects a chairman and treasurer. A deputy will be designated for each position. Resigning members will be represented by the deputy for the period until the next annual meeting.




§ 8 Duties of the Board


The board represents the organization, defends its interests, and manages its affairs. The Board decides on the organization's behalf unless otherwise provided in the bylaws. The Board of Directors shall execute the annual meeting decisions, manage the organization's financial affairs and accounts, and submit the annual report to the General Meeting for the past financial year.


The board decides who is entitled to sign for the organization's business and who has the right to speak in the name of the organization. The Board takes decisions by a simple majority and more than half of the board members must be present for decisions to be valid.




§ 9 Fiscal Year


The management of the organization, along with its finances shall be audited annually by the auditor appointed by the annual meeting. The program activity and financial year shall run from 1 January to 31 December.




§10 Resolution


Dissolution of the Organization shall be decided by two consecutive advertised and statutory meetings, of which at least one shall be a regular annual meeting. At such a meeting, a 2/3 majority decision of the members present to dissolve the organization is required to dissolve the organization. The organization's remaining assets will be given to charity.